The Castle

A 'warts & all' account of the transformation of a run-down pub in Bradford-On-Avon into a 'proper' Inn (food pub with rooms). Written by Alex Reilley & Pierre Woodford

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's Looking Less Like A Building Site!!! (but only slightly)

Work really is motoring with the bar in the first stages of assembly, unfortunately the chippies have had to go away whilst the floor is being laid behind the bar but at least they are managing to get some of the shelving made off site (photo 1). The plasters have all but finished downstairs with only a few patches that need touching up after the kitchen extract guys made a few holes (they were non too popular!) and they have now started on the bedrooms. The decorators have even got some paint on the walls in what will be the snug area off to the right of the main entrance (photo 2). The panelling is also nearly completed with just a few touches here and there to get sorted out(photo 3) and the flag stone flooring still needs to go down in the bar area. Outside the turf needs laying (and soon if it stands a chance of making it) along with a different type of flag stone for our seating area (photo 4, is taken from what will be the way to the main entrance). We have even had to have an arched door made to fit the archway (last photo) into the snug as we were not allowed to square off the arch (listed building) and it looks the business and will look much better once it has been painted mahogany to match the woodwork.


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